The End of Summer 夏日之末

如今那夏天的尾巴,即将消失无踪。而回乡的那一夜,却仿佛只是昨天。 翅膀硬了的小鸟,始终还是要飞。澎湃的不舍,化作心底一角的思念。 为了明天,我愿无悔。 This is the last day in my hometown. The end of the summer holiday marks the beginning of a new journey, another year of hardwork and challenges in a foreign land. I’ll always remember, at the other side of the Earth, there’s a home waiting for me. Advertisements

Port Dickson 波德申

风筝飞扬,是心有牵挂,还是自由飞翔? 又回到了儿时曾经来到的波德申。 We were back to Port Dickson, where I visited as a child. We stayed at a beautiful resort, where some of the units were built on the waters – a rare scene for people growing up in cities. 纵然不是最干净漂亮的海滩,但是对只想一家人好好休息相聚的我们来说,却已足够。 Although far from being the cleanest or most beautiful beach, it was enough for […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life – Food of the Mind

Newspapers, especially the Chinese (my mother tongue) papers, has been part of my everyday life since young. I remember I was 9 years old when I first picked up a newspapers entertainment edition and started reading, and the window of my mind started to grow bigger, and even more so as I soon extended my […]

The guy looking for clams (Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far)

The morning sun had just emerged from behind the thick grey clouds. I was sitting by the river when I saw an old guy, possibly 50 or 60 years old, went down to the river bank and started digging among the mud and stones, looking for clams (or oysters?). I heard  there used to be […]