Discovering beauty in the ordinary

I once discovered a beautiful photo of the Muar River online and I shared it with friends. However, one friend told me, “it only looks nice in the photo, it’s actually dirty and smelly”. Undeniably, it’s very far from being a beautiful river – people don’t buy a bus or flight ticket to come to Muar for the view of the river. But beauty is very subjective. Even a half broken cup looks perfect from the other site. A “perfect” cup may have a small crack at the bottom. It is very true, that we should not turn a blind eye to the bad around us, but  do what we could to correct them. However, isn’t it important too that we stop being so critical at times and try to discover the beauty left in the seemingly boring surroundings?

Learning photography has taught me to focus on the beauty of things. It doesn’t mean to despise the “ugly” and only go for the pretty. It means to believe that we can discover the beauty in even the most ordinary objects, people or scenes. This reminds me of God, the Creator. All His creations are ingeniously beautiful, waiting for us to discover, if only we are willing to.

The Muar Bridge at night

Today, I still think the Muar Bridge and the river can be beautiful!


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