What I saw from within a car

Waiting to depart.

A trishaw passed by. There’re less and less trishaws in the town these days, I wonder how long it’ll be before we could only see these traditional transportation in the museum? I think the easiest place to spot a trishaw in Malaysia is in Melaka town where these are one of the tourists attraction. Those trishaws are heavily decorated in their attempt to attract tourists, but at the same time, in my opinion, this have caused the lost of the originality.

While the traffic light was red…

Lots of Malaysian flags were seen in the town, due to our national day (31st August) and the coming Malaysia Day (16th September).

Motorcycles are very common in Malaysia (a huge difference if compared to where I study right now), and the grocery shops which are packed with items of various kinds are not rare here as well, especially in small towns. In the same row of shophouses stood a cloth store.


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