Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign – You Are Not Alone ministry

What is foreign to me? Well, I’m currently studying in a foreign country so basically everything around me is kind of foreign, but the moment I saw the topic, my mind came to a ministry lead by students in my church here in Prague. It’s a ministry to reach out to a community which is […]

First Day of Snow in Prague

Wet snowflakes fell from the gloomy sky yesterday morning though it wasn’t expected until November at least. Many people in the streets were holding their umbrellas, tourists had to endure the sudden coldness. This photo was shot at the famous Václavské náměstí (Wenceslas Square), where tourists were sight-seeing in the snow and the outline of […]

Words to remember

1. 下次如果觉得自己了不起时, 试试行在水上。 If you think you are so great, try walk on the water. 2. 当撒旦提起你的过去时, 请提醒牠的未来。 If Satan mentioned about your past, remind him his future. 3. 你不是幸运, 是蒙福。 You are not lucky, you are blessed. 4. 若想要真正活着, 得先彻底死去。 If you really want to live, you have to die thoroughly first. 5. 机会也许只敲一次门, 但试探却总是在按门铃。 Opportunity might knock only […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine – Really?

As a medical student, a photo of a stethoscope depicts something which is important to me – my knowledge and skills as a doctor-to-be. I’ve heard of a saying that goes like this: One of the greatest asset you can have is your knowledge. But is there anything that is truly, entirely, mine? I believe that we […]