Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine – Really?

As a medical student, a photo of a stethoscope depicts something which is important to me – my knowledge and skills as a doctor-to-be. I’ve heard of a saying that goes like this: One of the greatest asset you can have is your knowledge. But is there anything that is truly, entirely, mine?

I believe that we are not owners but stewards of everything we have – including knowledge and skills.  Supposedly the knowledge and skills I learnt throughout my studies would be mine. It’s true that the medical knowledge gained would be mine to use, to help people with their health problems, to cure, to care, but it is not entirely “mine”, it is God-given so that I can use it according to His plans.

Same applies to all things that are “mine” – health, wealth,time, family, friends. They are gracious gifts from the loving Father. During the last sermon our pastor challenged us to think “What would please God?” before we do anything or react to anything. The real challenge of this week is not merely about posting a photo on my blog, but the challenge, which in fact is an all-time challenge, is using things which are “mine” or treating people placed around me (for example, my friends and family) in ways that are pleasing in His sight.

Whatever you treasure the most, God uses it to shape and train you. If you care the most about someone, God would uses him/her to temper you. If you treasure your wealth the most, He will uses money to steel you. If you care the most about your feelings, God can uses your emotions to hone you. When you start placing God first, obeying His will, then you’ll realize, everything that you’ve cared about, are really blessings from none other but God.


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