Introducing – Honey the dog

A beautiful brown puppy came to our house 6 years ago. We never had a pet before, we never played with any dogs before, but Honey soon became our topic during dinner and a loyal patrol. 


7 thoughts on “Introducing – Honey the dog

  1. Hey rt ! II really Liked ur photography and Topography asWell. I Wish tooo learn the art so tat ii can Project them in Chruch of Mineine. Please guideme How to doo…. Thanks brobro….

    • Hello Ashwin! Thanks for your kind comment! I myself am still in the process of learning about the art of photography and typography and find that, by admiring others’ work it helps me to get inspiration as well. Hope you’ll continue to enjoy this art and keep improving! May God bless you and guide you =D

      • Hello Charlotte! Really appreciate your dedicated approach for edit photographs and giving it a natural curve …Its amazing … I’m glad you rplyied to thread. Just want to know which application you using for special effects..Like adobe illustrator, Adobe Lightroom or adobe Photoshop cs5 .

      • Hi Ashwin. I’ve only been using Adobe Lightroom so far. I haven’t learnt much of advance editing so it’s been more than sufficient. For typography I merely use a very basic software called Photoscape. Hope my info is helpful for you!

  2. Is there any Chow-Chow in Honey ? Our family adopted a puppy who is German Shepherd and Chow mixed. Bear is her name she is the best well behaved dog. Many Blessings from Michigan U.S.A. your work is inspiring.

    • Hello Asha =) Unfortunately we don’t know the exact breed of Honey because the poor puppy had lived in several houses before finally settling at ours. She has been a great blessing to our family!

      Thank you for your kind comment! =D

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