This photo was taken with me standing under the umbrella when there was a thunderstorm in my town. If you live in the South East Asia, raining probably isn’t something extraordinary, but if you have endured weeks of hot weather and disturbing haze from forest fire, a rain is like an extraordinary gift you’ve been […]


你脸上云淡风轻,谁也不知道你的牙咬得多紧。你笑得没心没肺,没人知道你哭起来只能无声落泪。你必须非常努力,才能让人觉得你毫不费力。度过一段自己都能感动的日子。之后,你想要的岁月统统会还给你。 —给正在奋斗的你

A New Year and Another Chance

Experienced with the rather scary situation downtown (with the fireworks aiming at people instead of the sky and smoke filling the square and streets), we chose a small hill overlooking the river this time. Turned out, people were playing wildly and it was smoky and a little bit dangerous too. Ah well, it was a […]