Sing a song of salvation

This photo was shot when I was having a walk in one of the many Easter markets in Prague. Just like Christmas markets, people set up stalls on squares all around the city, selling traditional food and items. I’m surprised that after 4 years living in here, this was the first time I noticed that the they hang ribbons of different colours on birch tree twigs and rooftops of their stalls during Easter!

Stars will fade and mountains fall;
Christ will shine forever,
Love’s unfading splendour.
Earth and heaven will bow in awe,
Joining in salvation’s song.

~ Salvation’s Song (Stuart Townend)

Happy blessed Easter!

New Beginning

If you happen to stumble upon my blog, and even more so if you’re a regular visitor, I’d like to say a very very very big THANK YOU and a very happy new year to you!

Not more than 1 year ago I decided to explore deeper into my hobby of shooting randomly wherever I go. Since then, I’ve learnt a lot, had fun and joy in photo-shooting and sharing this passion of mine with family, friends, and people online (mostly on Flickr and here on the blog). I thank God for this blessing – the opportunity to express through photography.  I’m grateful that many of my precious memory in 2012 have been captured on photos and some of my photos have been pleasant in sight for some! I pray that the new year will bring with it new skills and experience in photography and  growth in faith to me, and as well as to you!

May you have a very blessed 2013!

Pray AND Work

I grew up being taught that you gain as much as you work, laziness leads only to failures, and I’ve taken up the habit of taking my responsibility to work for my goals seriously. Back then I wasn’t a believer. I believed that everything I gained was due to my hardwork, and hardwork alone. I planned my successes, I planned my path, I planned by future.  I remember that during one of my years in highschool, there was a quote painted on the ceiling and I saw it everyday of school: no pain, no gain. Obviously I agreed whole heartedly.

Coming to faith didn’t take that part of me away but it did modify the concept. I believe that faith is having done your part and trust God with the results, not having done nothing and expect God to clean up the mess or throw successes at you because you pray for them. Yes, He can do that because He can do everything. But is that what He wants from us? One thing for sure, there’s absolutely nothing in the Bible which encourages laziness or forgoing of duties. Instead, we are told to work as if everything is for Him.

The sluggard craves and gets nothing,
but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied. (Proverbs 13:4 NIV1984)

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, (Colossians 3:23 NIV1984)

Hence, the quote above has become sort of like my motto which motivates me to cultivate and exercise diligence, with my eyes fixed on Jesus.

p/s There’s some dispute over the author of this quote. Post will be updated once doubts are cleared.

Words to remember

1. 下次如果觉得自己了不起时, 试试行在水上。

If you think you are so great, try walk on the water.

2. 当撒旦提起你的过去时, 请提醒牠的未来。

If Satan mentioned about your past, remind him his future.

3. 你不是幸运, 是蒙福。

You are not lucky, you are blessed.

4. 若想要真正活着, 得先彻底死去。

If you really want to live, you have to die thoroughly first.

5. 机会也许只敲一次门, 但试探却总是在按门铃。

Opportunity might knock only once, yet temptation is always pressing the doorbell.

6. 我们常在强壮时, 忘了神。

When we are strong, we always forget about our God.

7. 那些只在星期天呼唤”天父”的人, 在一星期余下的日子里活得像孤儿。

Those who only call upon “Heavenly Father” on Sunday, the rest of the week, they are like orphans.

8. 不要以自我为中心, 要以基督为中心。

Do not focus on yourself, focus on Christ.

9. 没有基督, 没有平安; 认识基督, 得到平安。

No Christ, no peace; know Christ, know peace

10. 为什么我们不常向朋友提起神?因为我们不常向神提起我们的朋友。

Why we seldom mention to our friends about God? because we seldom tell God about our friends.

11. 当把你的一切献给基督, 因为祂把祂的一切都给了你。

You should give everything of yours to Christ as He gave you everything He has already .

12. 你现在所追求的, 值得基督为它死吗?

What you want to own, worth Christ to die for it?

13. 使你向神靠近的人, 是你真正的朋友。

Those who lead you toward God, are your real friends.

14. 神爱我们, 不是因为我们是怎样一个人, 而是因为祂是怎样一位神。

God loves us, not because what kind of people we are, but He is that kind of God.

15. 神的应许像夜空里的星星。夜越深,星星的光芒越亮。

God’s promises are like the stars in the sky, the darker the night is, the more shine the stars are.

16. 没有基督的生命, 是无望的尽头。有基督的生命,是无尽的盼望。

A life without Christ is no hope. A life with Christ has hope without ending

17. 我虽不知道未来掌管着什么, 但我知道谁掌管着未来。

Although I do not know what future will handle. But I do know who is handling the future.

18. 把你的重担交给主, 让它留在主那里。

Give your burden to Lord & leave it there with Him.

19. 不要畏惧明天, 因为神已在那里。

Do not be afraid of Tomorrow, because God is already there.

20. 当你除了神, 一无所有时, 你将知道神就是你全部的需要。

If you have nothing else besides God, then you will know God is all you need.

21. 放手交给神, 别再向神讲述你的风暴有多大, 当向风暴讲述你的神有多大。

Do not tell God how big is your problem, just leave it to Him. Do tell your problem how great is your God.

22. 能够满足人心的, 是造人心的那一位。

The only one who can satisfy your heart is the one who created it.

23. 请常常保持着你心里的光, 因为你不知道, 谁会借着这光走出黑暗。

Please keep the light in your heart, because you do not know who will use this light to get out of the darkness.

24. 当我们只顾工作的时候, 我们独自工作; 当我们祷告的时候, 神工作。

If we care only about work, we work ourselves alone. When we start praying, God works

25. 神无所不在, 所以我们可以随处祷告。

God is everywhere, so we can pray everywhere, anywhere.

26. 一个没有需要的人永远见不到神迹。

If one has no need, he will never see miracle.

27. 敬拜提醒我们生命的价值, 但世界却使我们忘记它。

Worship remind us the value of our life, yet the world let us forget about it.