A minimum of gloominess

A dog sitting quietly in a dark corner in one of the many alleys in Barcelona one summer evening.

If photography is a reflection of the photographer’s inner world, this seems to fit quite well. The Barcelona trip was awesome, but I had let this photo laying almost untouched in my folders until today, and this is the result of some post-processing.

Gloomy, isn’t it?

The troubles of my heart are enlarged; bring me out of my distresses.

Psalm 25:17 ESV

Post in response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist 


A four-legged old friend


She came to our family when I barely knew anything about dogs, when I had no idea I would come to be captured by those innocent eyes and that I would one day shed my tears at the news of her near-death illness.

We all know that if God-willing, we humans will live longer than our pet dogs, but it still came as a shock when I got the news of her being very sick due to a viral infection that got her into a sepsis. She’s not exactly “my” dog. She’s my cousin’s. But we live close enough to let this beautiful dog become one of the first two dogs that came into my life (the other being Honey). When I received the news, I prayed for her. Thank God she survived the illness and is now recovering.

If she understands me, I’d thank her for opening up my heart to this beautiful species and giving me the chance to feel the warmth in my heart when I see the cuteness in them 🙂 I’ll repay this with a few more strokes on her belly and neck, which she always asks for with a pat on my hand with her paws.