Once upon a nighttime

During a musical fountain performance in Barcelona. September 2014. As the last bit of sunlight vanished. Prague. October 2013. Fire in the night. June 2013. My friends enduring the cold winter night with me as I went out for night shots. Somehow, it feels like ages ago. Charles Bridge, Prague. 3 days before Christmas, 2012. […]

Humility is the way

I will never forget that sentence my dad replied when I told him how hurt I felt, a couple of years ago. He said, “failure doesn’t hurt us, our pride does.” I took a few seconds for this to sink in. Why do I despair when I don’t achieve what I strive hard to achieve? […]

Waiting for Christmas

Christmas markets are opened, festive lights and decorations are put on, various Christmas events are coming and the Advent has started… Christmas is just around the corner! I planned to take some Christmas shots but hadn’t had much luck with it, thank God I still have about 2 weeks for that! And the angel said to […]