This photo was taken with me standing under the umbrella when there was a thunderstorm in my town. If you live in the South East Asia, raining probably isn’t something extraordinary, but if you have endured weeks of hot weather and disturbing haze from forest fire, a rain is like an extraordinary gift you’ve been […]

A New Year and Another Chance

Experienced with the rather scary situation downtown (with the fireworks aiming at people instead of the sky and smoke filling the square and streets), we chose a small hill overlooking the river this time. Turned out, people were playing wildly and it was smoky and a little bit dangerous too. Ah well, it was a […]

A minimum of gloominess

A dog sitting quietly in a dark corner in one of the many alleys in Barcelona one summer evening. If photography is a reflection of the photographer’s inner world, this seems to fit quite well. The Barcelona trip was awesome, but I had let this photo laying almost untouched in my folders until today, and this […]

Once upon a nighttime

During a musical fountain performance in Barcelona. September 2014. As the last bit of sunlight vanished. Prague. October 2013. Fire in the night. June 2013. My friends enduring the cold winter night with me as I went out for night shots. Somehow, it feels like ages ago. Charles Bridge, Prague. 3 days before Christmas, 2012. […]

Everyone is an Artist at Heart

“Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” We all get artistic some where, sometimes, somehow. It’s such an amazing experience to open our eyes and appreciate different kinds […]

On the Move

Thinking of Prague, the characteristic trams moving around the city come immediately to my mind. Probably you’d prefer a car if it’s too packed in the public transport… Cycling is my favourite way to enjoy the city when the weather is good 😀 A motorcycle might not be common in Europe but it is part […]