On the Move

Thinking of Prague, the characteristic trams moving around the city come immediately to my mind. Probably you’d prefer a car if it’s too packed in the public transport… Cycling is my favourite way to enjoy the city when the weather is good 😀 A motorcycle might not be common in Europe but it is part […]

Y.A.N.A. ministry to the homeless in Prague

Y.A.N.A (You Are Not Alone) ministry to the homeless community in Prague “It is mainly a student-led student-run ministry for the homeless and needy people living in the centre of Prague. The shortcut stands for You Are Not Alone. We are here to distribute food and other resources (e.g. gloves and hats during winter) to […]


When all the colours have faded, would you still see the awesomeness of this world, in its simplest form? When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls! -Ted Grant Photo were taken during a Sunday church service at International Baptist […]

Strolling along Vltava River

The outdoor never felt as attractive as it was during the times when I had to stay either in my room or in the library studying. I’ve always thought the national library has a really strategic location, for me personally, because it’s situated right next to the famous Charles’ Bridge, and the Prague castle is […]

Humility is the way

I will never forget that sentence my dad replied when I told him how hurt I felt, a couple of years ago. He said, “failure doesn’t hurt us, our pride does.” I took a few seconds for this to sink in. Why do I despair when I don’t achieve what I strive hard to achieve? […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign – You Are Not Alone ministry

What is foreign to me? Well, I’m currently studying in a foreign country so basically everything around me is kind of foreign, but the moment I saw the topic, my mind came to a ministry lead by students in my church here in Prague. It’s a ministry to reach out to a community which is […]