Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful – Celebrate

I’ve had two birthday celebrations for friends in the past two weeks, and that reminded me of thankfulness. We’re thankful for the presents and celebration we have on this day, but there’s something more than that… it a day to give thanks for family who have brought us up, give thanks for friends who care, give thanks for this life… give thanks to God who gave us this life and all the precious “bonus” He gave along our journey on earth.

It’s a day to remind us to be thankful each and every day.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign – You Are Not Alone ministry

What is foreign to me? Well, I’m currently studying in a foreign country so basically everything around me is kind of foreign, but the moment I saw the topic, my mind came to a ministry lead by students in my church here in Prague. It’s a ministry to reach out to a community which is foreign to most of us, the homeless people on the streets of Prague, with both physical and spiritual foods.

The ministry is called You Are Not Alone (YANA for short; more about it here) and it started about 2 years ago. Beautiful as it is, Prague has its ugly side, like every other city around the world. Homeless community has been an issue for a long time and these people live difficult and rejected lives on the streets. These people are just next to us, but their lives are completely foreign to us. We never would understand how the life is to live on the streets, day and night, four seasons a year, fighting against hunger (if not starvation), heat in the summer and cold in the winter, all sorts of diseases and infections…